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Subtle Signals of a Sensitive Soul

A conversation of a few whispers is how it felt

Whilst helping out at the Natural Dog Learning classes, I've been watching the ways that each individual dog and person connect and reconnect. We have been talking about the type of conversations we have when we ask our dogs a question 'are you ready to train?' rather than demanding that our dogs work with us. It reminded me of learning how different my two rescued dogs, Sookie and Tara were in the way they communicated with me. What I learned with Sookie is how subtle and fleeting her communication could be.

This first pic is what I would describe as her usual way of carrying herself when we were on the move together. Her proximity to me and her ears equally placed said she was attending to me (and prob the food at that moment - she was sharp!).

The second picture below, was a moment when something out there had her attention as we were sitting for a breather.

I'd just asked her if she was ready to go (along the lines of 'ok Sook?'). That left ear instantly flicked back just a tiny bit further and that was the start of our connection back to each other.

Sookie was fairly independent in a lot of ways, so this moment was the first of a couple more signals. My next question was put to her by my movement. As I moved she added the head turn and started to move with me. A conversation of a few whispers is how it felt with her.

Sookie was a 'blink and you'll miss it' lady in some ways though she had a big voice if needed.

Tara is another post if I can find a still that captures connection as she had a more animated approach!

Wondering what the connection signals are that others are learning to see in their dogs?

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