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I love helping people to help their dogs. 
Having worked with hundreds of dogs and owners to resolve their problems, I'm able to put the right solutions in place in the quickest time.
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Pet Behaviour Therapist DipCAPBT

Dogs have always had a special place in my heart, and I was lucky enough to have my own rescue dogs from the age of 14

​Following some challenges with our first family puppy, and unable to find help locally, I began to educate myself further on dog behaviour. Books, magazines and videos were my source of knowledge and the more I learned the more I enjoyed training my dog.

​To increase practical experience, I began fostering rescue dogs for local charities. One of the dogs being fostered had quite a few behavioural problems that were above the skill level of the local trainer. Alone in the park with a large black dog and no one to help me, I made the decision to help him myself and ended up following pet behaviour therapy as a career. My goal has been and still is to prevent dogs from being euthanised due to lack of knowledge and resources. To this day I still bring in dogs who need expert help and work to help others learn how to do the same.

My search for education led me to COAPE and the successful completion of their Advanced Diploma which allows me to use the letters DipCABT after my name. Combining the learning from the diploma course with practical experience has allowed me to teach classes and private clients since 2003.  

Away from classes and consults I enjoy dog sports, particularly agility and hoopers. I'm lucky enough to train with a supportive club that only uses positive methods.

I love welcoming new members into our dog learning community. It's a judgement free place, where people support and help each other. I may be biased but I think they're the nicest people ever! 

Your welcome awaits - come and join whenever you feel ready.

Until we meet

Clare x 

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