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Personal "Get on Track" Session

Feeling lost? Get in touch to find your personalised pathway...

These sessions are designed to begin moving you away from stress and anxiety and back to reassurance and hope. I'll use my extensive knowledge of dog behaviour to help you. 

We'll work together to form a personalised plan detailing your next steps, along with a plan for continued progress. You'll leave the session feeling better about your situation and hopeful that you can find the loving companion I know you want.

What is involved: We begin with a conversation, this is your time to tell me what has been happening and most importantly where you want to end up. I want to get to know you and your dog and help you take those first steps towards the relationship you have been seeking.


Following this conversation we can work together in a variety of ways. Every dog and every owner is unique, therefore the training plan and how it is delivered needs to be completely individual. 

Any questions? Email is the most reliable way to get in touch and I always aim to reply within 2 days



"The video consult was great. I was buzzing after. You have a way of making everything calm, clear, manageable and positive. I couldn’t wait to get started. Believe me, that is worth it’s weight in gold compared to what we experienced before"


"I liked the convenience of the online support and it felt targeted to my needs"


"Having access to you to ask questions every day, to be able to watch videos specific to the things I'm working on, and being guided in the right direction when I can't see where I am going wrong has been absolutely invaluable to me"


Nicola & Scooby

“Thanks again for all your help. I’m really enjoying learning with Scooby and your advice has been so beneficial as I really feel more “in sync” with him.

HYWR4738 (2).JPG

Kirsten & Winnie

I loved the ethos of the work and

   would recommend it to anyone who

truly cares about their dog. It’s about       understanding your dog’s mind,

recognising and respecting their instincts,

and using that knowledge to keep them

safe, while also growing closer together.

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