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Terms and Conditions. Your Privacy is Important.

These terms and conditions apply to all dog training services offered by Clare Teaching Dogs, including:

  • Group classes and workshops

  • Online forums

  • Courses

  • Books and blogs

Personal Data

Your data will only be used to share relevant content between ourselves and will never be passed on to a third party without your express permission. All data is kept secure. You can unsubscribe from any mailing lists at any time, and your details will be destroyed when you no longer train within the Clare Teaching Dogs community.

Classes and Sessions

It is expected that classes, private lessons, whether online or in the classroom will begin at the agreed time. Any class or session that begins after this time due to late client arrival, for whatever reason, cannot be extended beyond the agreed finish time.

If I cannot make a session for any reason, I will aim to give you 24 hours notice. Likewise I request that you give the same notice period of non-attendance.


All lessons must be paid for in advance.

Private sessions that are cancelled within 24 hours will not be charged. Any sessions not cancelled will be charged in full.


Forum Behaviour

Clare Teaching Dogs is a community of like-minded people who want to do their best for dogs.

The community has online forums where folk can gather to share information and discussion about dogs.

When using this forum, I ask that:

  • You respect copyright and avoid posting or sharing anything that is not owned by you.

  • You respect the privacy of others using the forum and do not share, copy or screenshot any information that does not belong to you without permission of the owner.


I rarely remove posts but reserve the right to take down posts or discussions that do not reflect the ethics of the Clare Teaching Dogs community.


For education purposes I may film behaviour consults and classes. Images of you will not be shared or used without consent. Images of your dog may be shared unless you request otherwise. 

Personal details will be kept in order to contact you regarding your classes or sessions and to keep you up to date with latest training opportunities. You may ask to be removed from any mailing lists and your contact details will be removed when you no longer train within the Clare Teaching Dogs community.

Case notes will be taken to ensure continuity of care and stored in line with current GDPR practices.

In order to provide the best possible service to you, I am mentored by Kay Laurence and may discuss cases with her. Kay abides by the same standard of confidentiality and data protection as I. More info

Exceptions that may occur:

  1. If you have been referred to me by your Veterinary Surgeon, then it is usual to send an outline of our plan for the Vets records. I may consult directly with your Vet to gather more information or give direction for behavioural treatment for your dog on your behalf.

  2. If I feel the behaviour presented by your dog is a safety issue for the public and you are not prepared to follow the safety guidelines.

  3. If I feel the living conditions or long-term treatment of your dog presents a welfare or public safety issue


I would first endeavour to discuss any decision for breaking confidentiality. However, I retain the right to break confidentiality without prior consultation with you should I consider that the urgency of the situation requires me to act immediately to safeguard the physical safety of yourself, others or your dog.

In certain cases, you, the client, may request that I share information concerning you or your dog.  In these cases, I require written permission from you before I can carry out your request. 


The dog always remains the responsibility of the client, including during homework sessions. Any other dogs within the environment remain the responsibility of the client.

No persons under the age of 18 can be left in sole responsibility of a dog for a session or homework.

Any persons under the age of 18 attending sessions or joining in homework remain the responsibility of the parent/carer.

Clare Teaching Dogs, The Dog Play Centre, Dog Learning Centre or Natural Vet/Vet Creche Ltd cannot be held responsible for any theft or damage to equipment or vehicles whilst taking part in on line learning or practicing at home.

You are responsible for any content you post on online forums.


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