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Natural Dog Learning

Lifetime learning for all dogs with

Clare Russell DipCABT, Clare Teaching Dogs

Dogs learning at their natural pace.
Learning activities and games to match each dog's natural development

Group Learning

Private Sessions


Dogs are natural learners. Naturally motivated. Naturally Curious. 

Through learning activities that capture their natural enthusiasm to learn with you, we build the foundations of a life long partnership.

Each dog learning at their own pace, from a flexible format that moves with their natural development.

A progressive plan that enhances each dog's natural journey from puppy onwards 

"I’m loving the classes with Lottie. Getting that kind of hands on experience is proving invaluable and I’ve noticed a real change in her confidence even after only a few weeks of classes. She’s walking, and responding with more confidence and I’m looking forward to continuing to watch her grow!"

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Hungry Dog

Natural dog learning means that dogs can learn when they are naturally ready. Dogs are not pushed to learn things before they are emotionally or physically prepared or held back from learning what they need, because it isn't on our lesson plan this week! We focus on meaningful training activities to develop life long skills that benefit dogs in their natural world. We work with a dog's natural instincts and breed behaviours to provide learning that makes sense. 

At the root of the Clare Teaching Dogs approach is trust

Imagine you can

Trust your dog to walk past other dogs on lead

Trust your dog to come back when called

Trust your dog to be handled by the vet

I trust that with time and practice, you will learn how to teach your dog the behaviours that build the skills to reach these goals

I trust that you will learn how to interpret your dog's behaviour and respond accordingly

I trust that you will learn how to protect your dog and keep them safe

and in return

Your Dog Will Trust You! 


"I'd say getting help, immediately reduced my concerns about training. Every dog (and owner!) is different and this support has this at its core. It's a journey we're on together and the steps are clearer now."

"I've loved gaining a better understanding of my dog and trying to see the world through her eyes."

"I'm impressed how quickly she has responded"

“Taking the first step is scary but once I had met Clare and was able to see a positive change in Rory after one session I knew I had made a correct decision"

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