A New Chapter?

March 2014, I am recovering at home following major surgery, a beautiful bouquet of flowers is delivered which cheer me up.

Flowers for healing

Flowers are magical, they cheer and delight but flowers eventually fade and die. This bouquet only exists in a picture today but the card that accompanied it sits beside me as I write.

The friend who sent the flowers also sent some encouraging words "Time for a new chapter?".

Writing that new chapter hasn't been easy. There was a point when I believed the chapter hadn't just begun but was almost complete. This turned out to be false start, I learnt a lot from that experience, even though it was painful at the time.

Unlike flowers, words last. Words answer our questions, give us hope, set our feet on a new path.

This website will be about words. Writing and reflection have become my comfort, putting events into perspective, asking more questions and as a result creating more learning and teaching opportunities for the species I love and the people who care for them. I had no idea it would take almost 5 years to be ready to write a new chapter but now is the time.

My goal is that dog people everywhere will also discover the joy of questioning and learning. I plan to share some of my experiences from the past four years and what they have taught me about values, commitment and honesty.

This website is dedicated to the Clare Teaching Dogs Community. A thoughtful, dedicated group of people and dogs who inspire and delight.

Thank you each and every one

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