Scentwork for Sensitive Souls

Building confidence through scentwork. Dogs love to use their noses, some need to develop confidence to do this when out and about. A four week course for beginners to explore the basics. 4 lesson course.

25th July, 8th August, 22 August, 5th Sept

Vet Creche, Thornliebank

£150, Email to book your space. 

Living NOW!

Not sure if classes are suitable for your dog, struggle to commit to a course of lessons, then this workshop is for you.

What is covered? Whatever you or your dog needs to learn. The class is small and the format flexible enough to give everyone a chance to improve their relationship with their dog. 

Spaces available July 6th, Aug 3rd, Aug 31st. £30. 

Vet Creche, Thornliebank. Email to book your space.

Amazing Dogs

A structured training program, suitable for all dogs and their people. Combination of classes, lesson notes and homework. 

Classroom dates: 23rd Aug, 6th Sept, 4th Oct, 18th Oct £120.

Vet Creche Thornliebank 7-9pm

Email to book your place

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